SR-alarm External Dummy Siren (Yellow)

The Yale Smart Home External Dummy Siren can be used as an visual warning for would-be burglars. It looks like the real Yale Alarm Siren and can easily be installed.


  • VISUAL DETERRENT: looks like the real Yale Alarm Siren
  • EASY SET UP: Wire free for quick and easy installation
  • OUTSIDE: Protect outdoor areas 


Smart Home Alarms are secure, expandable, easy to install and controllable at anytime, anywhere from our Yale Home App through your phone, tablet or Apple Watch. The Smart Hub is at the heart of the connected system allowing you to add up to 40 accessories to tailor your system perfectly for your home. 

The handy geo-location feature reminds you to set the alarm when you're leaving home, giving you one less thing to worry about.

Yale Smart Home Alarms integrate seamlessly with Philips Hue. Double the deterrent with red flashing lights in the event of a break in.

Our Smart Home alarms connect simply to other security products in the Yale Smart Living family. Join the world of connected security!


Box Contents:
1x external dummy siren, batteries, screws and wall plug fixings

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SR-alarm External Dummy Siren (Yellow)