Hasps & Anchor

Perfect for any high value items you need to keep safe and secure outdoors. Our range of hasps and anchors have been tested to ensure protection against corrosion and weather. Combine our padlocks with a suitable hasp for further protection. Let us take care of the things you care about.



  • Tested to a minimum of 96 hours for corrosion resistance to ensure protection against weather conditions.
  • Y105B/90/BK suitable for Y110B Brass padlocks.
  • Y135B/120/BK suitable for Y120 Brass padlocks.
  • Y155B/160/BK suitable for Y125 Laminated steel padlock, Y220 Weatherproof padlocks and Y90S Hardened steel padlock.
  • Y730B/60/23/1 suitable for Y120 Brass padlock, Y125 Laminated steel padlock and Y220 Weatherproof padlock.
  • Y116B/115/BC - padlock not required as it has it's own lock.
  • Concealed fixings for extra protection.
Ordering Options
90mm Steel Hasp
120mm Steel Hasp
160mm Hardened Steel Hasp
Locking Hasp
60mm Steel Anchor