Sitting Down with Yves Behar, The Designer Behind Linus®

Featuring the most advanced software and controllable through the user-friendly Yale Access app, the Linus® motorised Smart Lock is the newest addition to our portfolio of smart home security solutions. Linus® allows its users to lock and unlock their door remotely, check door status, grant virtual keys and see who is coming and going – all while fitting the most stylish and modern homes of today.

Developing a design that will exceed our consumers’ aesthetic and durability expectations, has been a crucial part of the manufacturing process. To discuss this creative aspect further, we have recently sat down with Yves Behar, the lead designer of the project.

Yves Behar, Swiss designer and entrepreneur, is the founder and principal designer of Fuseproject, an award-winning industrial design and brand development firm. He is also co-founder and Chief Creative Officer at August, Yale’s sister company.  Prior to founding Fuseproject, Yves was design leader at the Silicon Valley offices of Frog Design and Lunar Design, developing product identities for clients such as Apple and HP.

How important was the design aspect in the development of Linus®?

‘’The role of design has always been central to the August connected lock products, and just as significant for the Yale Linus® Smart Lock. The most important design criterion for Linus® is the universality of its design that needs to function across Europe, Middle East and Africa. We needed to design a product that would be understood across many cultures, communicating a sense of simplicity, durability and high quality throughout.’’

What was your main inspiration behind this project?

‘’The main inspiration is a continuation of the design language developed for smart locks over the last 6 years at August: solid and reliable materials, combined with clear forms as well as approachable surfaces such as the edge chamfer and the tactile and minimal thumb turn.‘’

What does good product design mean to you?

‘’Good product design is a way to orientate the user while they are getting accustomed to new technology. For me, good design will make it easier for someone to adopt a new technology or a new way of doing things, while delighting them with high quality materials and tactility. Good design accelerates the adoption of new ideas in people’s everyday lives and needs.’’

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